Thank you for your precious service, beat you fair and square. (Shyaa!)

Woot! Finally done with this thing. Childish war really fits these two pranksters.

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I kinda wanted to imitate the style from the movie the secret of kells and used john to do it

not a good job but I tried. also if you’re asking wth is his hood doing, I usually draw it wrapped in his waist

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what a couple of nerds

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fly away

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egbert what the fuck

Warning: eye strain (bright colors)
I’d rather you not reblog my art than remove the warning, thank you.

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some other nice and one silly shots from last weekend by my brother who didn’t upload these on his own photo page for some reason??? idk i like the water shots a lot

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basicstuck sketches
i think this is slightly a “fancy” version of their regular sprites since fancy dreamers/god tiers are popular
im going to pretend they would have a simple but more expensive choice in clothing

i kinda miss drawing them its been months hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Oh, my talking bird.

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space girl

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the rare and elusive sketchbook doodle

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