rose lalonde in 85 B) (and john in 58)


Subtle otp shipping happening

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Rose Lalonde in 68
the babe is back
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I would imagine Bro’s Rocketboard to be very attached to him and didn’t want to leave him behind on the meteor.

Don’t worry Rocketboard, Bro’s got this! @u@

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tada i made jade sprites

sorry the green one is very flashy

probably going to make jane now

jesus dickle that symbol took forever

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Markers + Photoshop + Paint tool SAI

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More commission examples for Anime Expo 2014!!
We’re at table L14 !
Please come by even to just say hi ! I really would enjoy meeting you!

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I felt like I hadn’t drawn godtier rose in awhile *u*

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don’t let the sweet face fool you

dave (x) rose (x)

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Yer a Wizxard Rosie! 
She’s just goofing around after the alchemy binge

Palette #7 of Rose Lalonde for GameArchitect
dynamic angles are hard and no one understands

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